Friday, October 28, 2011

Judge the Case from a human perspective then we can talk !

   Now in Egypt it's very normal after any torture accident to see a debate around the dead body ! or actually the owner of this dead body talking about was he a good person Or not ?! Before even mentioning the fact of him been tortured to death and as a traditional conclusion people are divided into two categories;

The 1st. If the man was a good man or let's be straight at this point and say if he was a well educated man with a good looking from a specified social level people will look to him being tortured as a misery and may they trigger a huge campaigns demanding REVENGE ! and you will hear a massive talk about human rights and stuff.
you next

   But what IF ? ...
what if this dead man was a poor, not educated, look like a crap, Or even a prisoner ..
in this case the group of people mentioned above will be divided into two categories !
the first will remain stick to their Principe which is :-
   Why ?
Because in our revolution we asked for HUMAN DIGNITY ! and EQUALITY between people no matter their color, religion, race, social level .. etc !

And now the 2nd. Group of people - point of view -  :
with a cold blood you will hear talks like
" oh, man he's a thug ! "
" he's a prisoner So how do you want him to be treated ? "
" thank god we getting threw with these creatures "
" i don't care "

For those who adopt this point of view of the second group i will ask them a Question :

Isn't the ( Thug, Poor, Crap looking, Prisoner ... etc ) a human being has the right to be treated with manners worth his humanity ?
What about his mother, sister, father, may be wife and kids ?
His friends ?

In the 25Th of January demonstrations we were chanting " BREAD .. FREEDOM .. SOCIAL JUSTICE .. HUMAN DIGNITY " but now it's very obvious that many of us not familiar with the human dignity and justice.

Top : khaled saeed , Bottom : Essam Atta , before and after the revolution
One of the huge crimes of all times that Mubarak committed was the separation he planted between the social levels .. between the upper levels and the lower social levels ! and now we are harvesting what he and his regime planted over 30 years , i think we should trial him for creating such cold blooded creatures and the lack of humanity in them !

Whenever a torture accident .. i always ask my self a question !

What if KHALED SAEED was a taxi driver or a convicted criminal tortured to death ?

Yes ! khaled saeed the Icon of the egyptian revolution. 
you know what !
i wouldn't be writing this post now !

During the Revolution we were ONE person , we all EGYPTIANS , we all HUMANS !

The last victim here is Essam Aly Atta who i talked about earlier in the last post and like any other torture victim he had his share in this silly ridiculous debate !
But now let's see how the MOI - ministry of internal - Egyptian police used him as a convicted criminal with a military trial which is against all the human perspectives, they posted on their Official Facebook page  a post mentioning a fake list of cases he did ! and here's the Post .. and through the comments you can see how they exploited Mubarak's crime i mentioned earlier to displace people's attention from the fact of the torture ! which was obvious when some friends saw it's marks on Essam's dead body and as usual we are waiting the fake forensic investigation result they will bring for us ! .. Everyday they bring us another martyr .. another Khaled Saeed .. so ! Wake the Fuck up Egyptians ! they are the same !

But this will not deviate me from the fact that none has the right to torture a human being even if he was a convicted criminal !
We need to rebuild the human culture when it comes to humanity and human rights !

During the revolution we were busy in the streets and the squares fighting for our freedom and forcing Mubarak to step down - notice that i said WE no i - but none imagined what happened in the prisons ! and this is a huge huge huge file full of Dark secrets .. but if that culture remains the same i can promise that none will even think of opening these secrets and dig up the graves of the truth except the few people who know ther real meaning of humanity ..

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  1. كلام جميل جدا, يا ريت الناس كلها تفهم معنى الإنسانية وإلا يروحوا يعيشوا في زرايب !!