Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Behind the picture.. Episode 2

مواطن - Citizen
This portrait of an old man in his mid fifties was taken in Mansour st. near Tahrir square during the clashes between revolutionaries and CSF forces near the Ministry Of Interior (MOI) after Port Said massacre where more than 75 Ultras Ahlawy members were killed in a systematic way in front of the police forces eyes and they just did nothing except the made the killing process easier, Clashes started when CSF forces started shooting tear gas and rubber bullets when thousands of Ultras Ahlawy and Zamalek (hardcore soccer fans) marched to Ministry of Interior HQ in Cairo near Tahrir square.

What is so special about this old man is that he didn't leave the battle field in solidarity with the revolutionaries despite his age and health status and i think it's very obvious on his face.

Every time i saw this man going to the front lines in the same time when i couldn't withstand the horrible amount of tear gas, i tell myself that the only thing can force anyone to do so is his belief in the cause.

By the way he is not the only Old man who is doing this or used to do that! we have many of them.. Bless.
You can check my photo set. from the MOI clashes and Ultras Marches to the MOI in this Photo Set On Flickr

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