Sunday, February 19, 2012

Behind the picture.. Episode 1

اسرة الشهيد/ محمد خالد - أحد شهداء الالتراس - The family of martyr
اسرة الشهيد/ محمد خالد - أحد شهداء الالتراس - The family of martyr
I took this picture while we were marching from Ramsis square to The Ministry Of Defense (MOD - 10 Feb. 2012), during the march and just before we reach the MOD the whole march stopped at one of the family's balcony and we didn't know that the march will pass by one of the Port Said massacre Martyrs home..
For like 20 minutes the march which was a big one in numbers chanted with the family specially Mohamed's Mom (the martyr's mom), his brother and his grandfather who was crying all the time till we left.
The Crowds chanted "We will bring justice for them or we gonna die like them" for the martyrs.
The grandfather in the middle of the photo saluted the crowds with his tears on his cheek like a waterfall..
Then The march continued it's way to the MOD and just like the train of the revolution at every station you leave someone and someone get in instead.. i left a part of me there.. but i gained strength again! and we will win.

A comment on the Photo on Flickr:
elfouly: Three generations have been marked not only by their loss but by the tribute and respect for that loss. A historic image.

You can check the rest of the photos of that day in this link: Marching to the MOD - 10 Feb 2012

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