Sunday, February 19, 2012

New translation: [En - Ar] Greek activists speak out: ‘We want workers’ power’ - نشطاء يونانيون يصرحون: نريد سلطة العمال

The Original article by Patric Ward  written for SocialistWorkerOnline A revolutionary Anti-capitalist paper in Britain.

My comment:
Before translating this piece i didn't have that much information about the state in Greece except what is going on on the main stream corrupt media and to be honest i was surprised by the labor movement in Greece and the great effort by the socialist and leftist organizations there.. what is extremely fascinating is the grow up of the workers awareness over many experiences and years..
It's a very good piece specially when you search in the background of all this.
All of you have witnessed the clashes and the news of the general strikes in Greece but after reading the article above, you will know how they reached this stage of struggle.
For years Greek left wing was deeply embedded in the roots of the labor unions and the normal working class and they make the normal people now have the ability to organize themselves in labor unions which has a great power to influence the government and to lead the anger of the huge crowds hitting the streets.
So when you look deep inside the Greek labor community you will find how they made this all.
For a moment of time i started to compare the status in Greece and Egypt when it comes to the labor movement!
to be honest i don't see the labor movement in Egypt weak as many of the Revolutionary activists see it because if you see the amount of oppression  they were affected by the Old regime which still in it's position you will know that it's not that easy to have this proletarian revolution in a matter of minutes!
But it still an option and believe me it's easy if the way we deal with the huge working class we have here in Egypt changed just a little bit.
You will notice in that article when some labor unionists keep mentioning the "organization from below" and this is the secret word for this great Greek working class uprising and it's the first step in the Domino Effect..

Power to the Workers!

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