Friday, February 24, 2012

Behind the picture.. Episode 3

Ahmed Khaled
My Brother: Ahmed Khaled.
It was during his last vacation from the compulsory military service, since he joined the army he changed a lot actually and i can understand that and he understands that too, but in a very different way.
A night before he was telling our parents about the military and how he is proud to be a part of it despite how tough is the military life.
And here comes the difference between us when it comes to "How to serve the country?"
He told me that he spent almost 18 days of his first month inside sleeping on the sidewalk while his commanders sleeping on their beds leaving these young boys to freeze.
The strange thing is that he was talking about humiliation and insults he experienced inside with a pride even i felt like he's asking for more!.. Then he said one thing i couldn't let it go..
"I'm a part of a productive foundation and we are the only ones who can run the country and the civilian people like you actually know nothing." he said.
i interrupted him saying "Man, you remember when you called me crying and telling me that it's more honorable to die than living with these insults and the massive amount of humiliation 24/7"
"I swear to God that serving your country is not by young kids being insulted!, and about productivity issue here's the thing: you are a part of a fascist organization sew up more than 40% of the Egyptian economy but can you tell me what i gained from that? How would that affect my life as a doctor used to work for the government for less than 50 US dollars a month?"
"In my opinion joining the military appears like serving the country and defending our borders but in the fact it's all about serving these lazy ass Generals and make them earn more money"
Then i asked him a question: "In your opinion how many of you inside the army was happy when he knew that  he's chosen to join the obligatory service?"
The remarkable thing is that he couldn't open his mouth to answer me.

That's it.

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