Saturday, March 10, 2012

Behind the picture.. Episode 4 - US Embassy

Clashes by the US embassy - اشتباكات السفارة الامريكية
Photo by Sabry Khaled. تصوير: صبري خالد.
Yesterday the 9th of March 2012, Clashes broke out between pro and anti revolution protesters with army trying to "separate" them. Suddenly, army used tanks to protect Okasha who was leading a protest by the US Embassy to leave the scene through a small ally while army soldiers fighting revolutionaries with rocks to keep them away. Clashes lasted for few hours mainly between army & pro-Okasha people on one side against revolutionaries and people coming from Tahrir on the other side. It was apparent that the army and people on Okasha's side were working together against Tahrir protesters attacking us with rocks & arresting whoever they manage to arrest.
But in the middle of these clashes i was like "What the hell is going on.." and the boy in the Photo above i think his expressions was like mine.. Lost..

Check more shots from yesterday's clashes on my photostream: 

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