Monday, May 14, 2012

365 days ago.. Atef yehia..

Graffiti - Atef yehia
Graffiti - Atef yehia 

I wont tell a new story in this post, i just want to remember one the Egyptian Martyrs, not one of the famous ones, but what made him special for me is that he was a friend of mine.

Atef died after a long journey fighting against the bullet he took in his head during the protest took place last year in the memory of the Palestinian Nakba by the Israeli embassy in Giza-Egypt.

The protest that day last year 15-5-2012 was peaceful as usual but when the protesters asked the authorities to bring down the Israeli flag in respect to the Palestinian struggle and resistance the Egyptian army gone mad, started shooting protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition.. which broke through my friend's head from behind his right ear and gone out from above his right eye brow.

The damage happened to his brain was permanent, he lost all of his functions.. 
Atef was his mother's only boy with a passed away dad, you cannot imagine how miserable and depressed was this lady when she heard about her only son, What Atef had experienced in El-Kasr Einy hospital after his injury is indescribable.. the lack of respectful heath care and emergency treatment were disastrous.


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