Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Show: The battle of the Beards and Tanks.

I'll leave the long introductions a side now because the issue is very obvious now, actually i may be the last one who started to talk about it or state an opinion which i don't have to be honest, So i'll tell you nothing but a new theory of my theories. **

As it appear to the public the underlying statement clashes between the ruling military and the Muslim Brotherhood from which Egyptian online activists started their jokes which really broke the silence and boredom of the current days in the Egyptian "Blogsphere", But all end to the same conclusion which is that they will leave MB alone to face the SCAF as a way of revenge from them as they did sold the youth many times to the regime.

Ok, enough comics!

Most of the traditional theories about how the ruling regimes work are based on the fact of if two Capital regimes faced each other none of them will lose anything but the confused people between them will be slaughtered if there is no real representative leadership for them to organize their struggle for better world, So this is simply what happened in many opinions in 1954 when the military ruling council suppressed the MBs as they asked for a share in the authority.

I can agree that the players have the same names now like they were in 1954 but there are many differences in the structure of both!

You cannot compare the Muslim Brotherhood now and 60 years ago, because Only the blind who will say that they didn't develop themselves, studied the game well and now they did get some gains from a revolution they refused to support from the beginning.. but add to this their hunger to power which blinded them and dragged them away from the people's demands to gain some demands for their minority in comparison to the masses may hit the streets looking for their share sooner or later.

What you can Compare is the state of the military regimes in 1954 and now and anyone can see that they are the same but with different names but the tools still the same: Tanks, Media, "Fake Good Intentions", etc..  

We should learn from History but we should take these changes in consideration otherwise the whole struggle will go in vain.

Here is the way i think it will go:
-The famous 1954 Scenario will not repeat itself except in one case which is the deep stupidity from the MB side.
-I believe that the the whole issue is fake blackmailing between them both in order to sweep our sights from something going on or will happen in the back scenes.

But what if the MB will have a real clash with SCAF?
This question will be answered by days, but the sure thing is none of their loses both will be compared to the people's loss in case of the Leftist Groups didn't gain the people to their side to protect their struggle.

What if the MB didn't have the people's support facing the SCAF?
What if the MB embarrassed the SCAF with the people's support?

We can state millions of "What if" questions.. but i really deeply believe that it doesn't matter!

I hope you got it.. Right.

Here's one of the most descriptive images of the relation between SCAF and MB now by an Egyptian facebookers:

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  1. I think the your idea you tried to convey in this article is right. but, at least the youth must take care of their revolution. we must know how to organize our struggle for a better future as you mentioned.i'm afraid of being this struggle between MB and Scaf is only a way to make us forget the main issue " the constitution "