Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tahrir square .. 3 July 2011

About the video :  it’s Me interviewing Mr.Hossam El-Araby the Political liaison officer of El-Shaab party and it’s the secretary general‘s assistant in Tahrir Square on ( July 3, 2011 )

He is explaining the reasons of the clashes happened that day between the protesters and the thugs rent by some police officers in order to break the sit-in, He also mentioned his friend Khaled El-Masry who was killed by the thugs and he confirmed his death in Ahmed Maher hospital due to a stab in the abdomen.

During my conversation with him he told me about the violent clashes between the protesters and Egyptian riot police forces which I attended on June 28 and how the police used it’s thugs with their swords, knives … etc against them

He said that there was a group of people who was serving the protesters with tea, coffee …. Etc , and the protesters decided to move their tents from the middle of the square to the garden in front of the “Mogamaa El-Tahrir” to be away from them but they were paid by some police officers to burn down the tents and create any violence against the peaceful protesters in order to break the set-in which will continue till the next Friday 8-7-2011.

They succeeded -the thugs- in burning some tents but the situation was under control after that by the revolutionaries and multiple injuries happened and I saw that while I was serving at the hospital with the doctors , the injuries may be more than 30 cases except the minor ones as faints and some Bruises , no serious injuries I saw except one case and it was controlled .

While I was on my way to El-Tahrir square there was some voices asked for breaking the sit-in until the return of the revolutionaries to the square the next Friday 8-7 but I can’t see that it’s right because if the protesters left the square it will be hijacked by whatever thugs or any who can destroy the beautiful peaceful image of the revolutionaries by any unpredictable actions.

 And again the ministry of interior continues in the same old fashion in dealing with the protesters as using thugs and it cannot happen without the approval of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces “SCAF” .. both of them want the next Friday which supposed to be a millionya to fail to continue their grip on the country.

The square now is safe and the protesters are regulating the traffic as usual and no traces for any police or army there even during the clashes and it’s not the first time for the police or the army forces to disappear from the square leaving the protesters protecting themselves.

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