Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Martyr

It's my first time to see his photo ,i dont know him i didn't even try ,i know enough ,i know that he paid his life for my freedom ,he did that without knowing me too ,and i dont know why i was checking his photo every minute yesterday , looking in his eyes ,i couldn't hold my tears despite i saw many of them ,there is something special about him .. .. i don't know what is it but i can feel it every single time i see this photo , and i got the answer .." He is Real " , he is one of the realities in our life now , he is alive i can see it .. i cant tell how i feel while i am writing these words.

I think that he wanted to say Gandhi words 
" They may torture my body,break my bones;even kill me but then they will have my body not my obedience "

Glory to the martyrs 
Long live the Revolution

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