Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hours in El-Tahrir square 28june

Me Interviewing an old protester (El-Sayed Ahmed Abdel Hady) and his son who came from Meet Ghamr, Dakahlia to join the Revolutionaries in Tahrir Square during violent clashes between the protesters and Egyptian riot police forces at Mohamed Mahmoud street in front of AUC on June 28.
They explain why they joined the protesters in their own simple words and why they came all the way long from their hometown.
In the background you will hear the sound of the tear gas bombs which were raining the heroic protesters while fighting for 24 hours non-stop.
Captured by me ( Sabry Khaled )

Another protester who was injured same day when an Egyptian police officer shot the tear gas bomb directly to his head! .. and his hand injured with rubber bullets .

This is the bomb which hit me in the thigh by the same officer I think.

I appear in this photo which was taken by El-Shorouk news during the clashes between us and the police forces. (1st one to the right)

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  1. Gamda ya Sabrotaaaaaaaaaaa :D:D take care 3ashan 7assa kda el mara el gayya 7ageblak 3eesh we 7alawa fel segn el 7arby :D:D