Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Morsi Morsi..

Hawamdia -small town in Giza- Celebrates Morsi
celebrating Morsi's win - Photo by me.

Wohooo finally we have a civilian elected president to piss off, Of course it's not the best way i wanted the history to be, but it was going there anyway, but the fact is that am extremely happy with that for many reasons, may be it's stupid reasons for many of my fellow revolutionaries but they are the simple facts prove that there is a real change on earth, something like the army soldiers and generals will salute for Morsi who's a civilian, it doesn't matter now what is his ideology or what are his beliefs.. in Egypt this is something BIG and you should to be happy for it.

something like Morsi's story himself from Mubarak's prisons to the presidential palace, it means that any Egyptian now can think about this chair, the past few weeks i suffered a kind of depression after i couldn't see anything going right or going like am planing for, but after the results and the joy emerged allover Egypt with this win which some people considered a good step for the revolution and others didn't see it like that, i actually see it as a step forward for the revolution, despite the hard times waiting for us the next few months from many sides like the in-clarity from the MB side, the shari'a supporters on the ground and the SCAF of course.

None said that the president will come with a magic stick and fix everything or that he will come and screw SCAF ass like a terminator, be realistic people.. it's politics on it's highest levels.

Here's the thing am thinking of from my side, i will chant for Morsi as long as he's doing well, and will give him the bird when he do something fucked up.. yea it's that simple.

i will back him up when he face the SCAF to get his presidential powers and rights, because at anytime a candidate from the hardcore revolutionaries can be in his place in a matter of few years because of the "democratic" process.

Of course many fellow leftists will raise their eye brows and ask "How come you're a leftist and supporting a neolibral capitalist Islamist? and the answer is simple, leave your ideology aside now and start thinking about what people want now, because it's not healthy to live your entire life between the books away from the people.

I am not saying that you should give up your ideological dreams and beliefs, but start think in a different way, think about getting your goal which is the "power" in all ideologies, things have been changed in Egypt.. yes it is.

There's something about Morsi that makes me feel sorry for him.. dunno what is it, but suddenly he reminded me with the scenario of Mohamed Naguib.. the first military president for Egypt who wanted to handle the power to the civilians after 1952 military coup by Nasser and his fellows.

In my opinion Morsi will suffer a lot, from the MB, Salafists, secular forces, leftists, SCAF and of course the Second arm in the old regime which it's conflict with SCAF brought Morsi in the image, not them only.. Morsi will suffer from the people who voted for him, they expect much for him.. you know Egyptians -.- 

Anyways... Despite any of this, Am optimistic. 

Check out my photos from the day they announced the 1st civilian president below:

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