Friday, March 23, 2012

Behind the picture.. Episode 7 - Marriage

كتب كتاب حسام الحملاوي و جيهان ابراهيم
كتب كتاب - تصوير صبري خالد Wedding - By: Sabry Khaled 
This Episode is very special for me on many scales.. The man to the right is my mentor in Photography, My Revolutionary Godfather and a very special Comrade Hossam El-Hamalawy while he was completing the wedding contracts with Mr.Ibrahim -Gigi's* Father- notice the napkin on their hands with the Socialist star on it.. I told you it's a very special event.
*Gigi Ibrahim.. Revolutionary socialist Comrade, blogger and a photographer.. but the most important is that she's a very special friend and one of the closest persons to my heart.
The Most important thing here is That i'm the official photographer of this wedding and guess what!.. it's my first time to try party photography or wedding photography..
Seriously i cant describe how i feel towards this couple.. just happy.

كتب كتاب حسام الحملاوي و جيهان ابراهيم
The Prince and his Princess - By: Sabry Khaled. تصوير: صبري خالد.

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